Matt Lauer Helps Peter Cook Prove his Own Narcissism on the Today Show

I am so saddened that Matt Lauer gave Peter Cook an opportunity to interview this morning after he forced Ms. Brinkley to discuss their marriage yesterday when she obviously did not want to and made that very clear to Mr. Lauer at the beginning of the interview.

Despite my disappointment in Matt Lauer, I am very glad this interview was given because it just further proves Peter Cook's raging narcissism.

Ms. Brinkley has not been on a television show for four years and the only reason she chose to go on The Today Show was to discuss her upcoming role in "Chicago," but Matt Lauer did not give her that chance yesterday and instead took it to the gutter to stir the pot for his personal friend, Peter Cook.

Matt Lauer admits that Peter Cook rang his cell phone immediately after his interview with Christie yesterday and requested a chance to strike back. Strike back at what? Matt had Christie in tears! Matt not only gives Mr. Cook an interview, but pre-tapes it to be sure he can’t be cornered or bullied by the interviewer like Christie was when interviewed by Matt.

What does the Today Show have to say about such unabashed, blatant and unethical nepotism?!!

Mr. Cook is the one on a media campaign to destroy Christie and the only reason is because he can't stand to see her happy. He is seething with envy of Ms. Brinkley’s upcoming role in “Chicago,” the longest running Broadway show in history.

Oh, and Mr. Cook's attempt to say that his own narcissism helps him be a better father is completely ridiculous. The NPD expert The Today Show had on their show this morning even pointed out how completely inaccurate and false this statement is.

Nice try at more spin, Mr. Cook, but all this does is prove how delusional you really are about reality. Your own son is not speaking to you right now. I think that says it all. Do you think your appearance on The Today Show calling his mother a liar this morning helped mend your relationship with him in any way?

Of course not and he knows this, but he does not care. Narcissism does not give you tunnel-vision on that which you choose to focus....quite the opposite… it makes it impossible for one to focus on anyone or anything else BUT themselves because their fragile and enormous EGO gets in the way every time.

Mr. Cook knows he is putting his children through hell right now at the expense of his own insecurity. He admits that if were a good role model he would NOT be interviewing on the Today Show right now. He knows his actions are destroying his children, but he admits he can’t help himself…..if that isn’t admission of pathological narcissism, I don’t know what is.

Thank you Matt Lauer and Peter Cook for proving who the real narcissist is in this relationship and bravo to Christie Brinkley for handling herself with such class through this entire ordeal. The Today Show and Matt Lauer owe her a huge apology. Personally, I will be joining many others by watching Good Morning America going forward.