Cherishing our Independence after the Narcissist

I just read an excellent article I want to share with all of you! A must-read showing how more and more women are choosing to be independent in life and are happy with this decision.

I'm not saying we should never date a man (quite the opposite) but why are we so consumed with finding one we can settle down with for the rest of our lives? Is this even realistic anymore or desirable for that matter?

Narcissists are like children who require constant attention and validation every second of the day. Without such ego-stroking, they become criticial, demeaning and cruel. When we first come out of a relationship with such a person, we find ourselves with lots of free time we don't necessarily know what to do with or how to spend.

Instead of trying to find someone else right away, I beg you to cherish this time to pamper yourself and spend time with the people you may not have spent much time with as a result of being in a relationship with such a demanding person. You owe this to yourself and your loved ones!

Women are inherently caretakers and nurturers and when we first come out of a relationship with a narcissist, we may be confused as to what to do with our time.

No more confusion, ladies! We should embrace our freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want. Men do it all the time - why can't we? We should accept dates from only those we feel are most deserving of our time and be less concerned with what will become of the relationship. Instead, simply enjoy the moment.

Life is a journey after all. Why are we so obsessed with figuring it all out so quickly. Relish this time in your life to explore and navigate the unknown! Appreciate the freedom you have to CHOOSE who you will spend time with and who you will not.

If you share these sentiments in any way, please read this article.

My favorite part:

"Professor Bella DePaolo points out: ‘We are far more than whom we are (or aren’t) married to: we are also mothers, daughters, sisters, aunt, friends, colleagues and so on.’ Single women do not lack for love. Our relationships, like our lives, are varied and fulfilling, neither compromised nor defined by coupledom. It’s time singlists saved their pity for those who deserve it."

Women have a depth that not all men can grasp. For this and many other reasons, I cherish my female relationships and thank each and every one of you - my beautiful sisters of strength - for being a part of my life. You are an incredible blessing I will never take for granted.

Lots of Love,


We all wear many hats!